How I can help you

I’m available for freelance digital projects where I can help your organisation communicate with its clients, members, customers and any other important people.

My favourite areas to work on are:

  • social media, e.g. working with you to analyse what you’re doing, setting up profiles or advising how can could better use social media
  • email marketing, e.g. setting up, designing, writing or reviewing email newsletters
  • writing, e.g. editing your existing text, drafting new content or reviewing your website content
  • digital project management, e.g. overhauling your website

I can help you out by:

  • training your staff and volunteers so they can make better use of digital tools
  • consulting on individual projects to give you my advice and get you started
  • providing ongoing support┬áif you need me to manage a project such as a website redesign

I can be flexible to suit your needs and how you’d like to work together. I’d love to chat about how we can work together so please do get in touch –