Things I’ve been reading recently

A round-up of interesting bits from the internet. This week I've got risk aversion, innovation, standing desks, emails, prison visits and more!
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Things I’ve been reading recently

In an attempt to get some of the things I find interesting out of my head and into my blog I thought I'd share some links on a semi-regular basis. This week I've got social media, mobile copywriting, content curation, vintage sexism and more!
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Preparing for a new website

I'm looking forward to overhauling the Sussex Students' Union website so I've been gathering some useful links and resources to help prepare for this exciting project.
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#ourSUday – a day of students’ union tweeting

On Thursday 30th January I'll be coordinating a 24 hour tweeting project for students' unions across the UK to showcase what they do. The project, using the #ourSUday hashtag, aims to highlight the variety of things we do.
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‘Reading the internet’ – some of my favourite blogs

I was recently asked what my hobbies are and answered 'reading the internet'. It is how I spend a lot of my free time and I love filling my brain up with new things to ponder (as well as the less highbrow stuff I read!) I thought I'd share some of my favourite blogs and ask you for your suggestions of other blogs to try.

Data-driven decision-making

Details of a conference session I ran at Students' Unions 2013 - a national conference for students' union staff and officers - about how we can use data to help with communications decision-making.

A tiny little love letter to social media

A brief reminder of how social media has changed membership engagement.
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… and it so it continues…

In the past week I’ve been to the cinema twice (The Artist & The Descendants - both fairly good), stocked up my fridge (meatballs & pizza on the menu this week) and arranged to catch up with friends. Oh and been called “an irate woman”, “a daft woman”, a “silly, silly woman” told I “must look [like] the old back of a bus”, to “GET A LIFE” and that “I need an operation, to remove the chip from [my] shoulder” - all by people I don’t know and have never met.
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