Showing my workings

I’m a self-critical perfectionist.

I have loads of ideas about things but often struggle to get started on them unless I’m sure I’ve got everything covered and it will be the best it can be.

For my blog, this means I spend ages thinking about cool posts I could write or things I think would be […]

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Things I’ve been reading recently

A round-up of interesting bits from the internet. This week I've got risk aversion, innovation, standing desks, emails, prison visits and more!
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Things I’ve been reading recently

In an attempt to get some of the things I find interesting out of my head and into my blog I thought I'd share some links on a semi-regular basis. This week I've got social media, mobile copywriting, content curation, vintage sexism and more!
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Preparing for a new website

I'm looking forward to overhauling the Sussex Students' Union website so I've been gathering some useful links and resources to help prepare for this exciting project.
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#ourSUday – a day of students’ union tweeting

On Thursday 30th January I'll be coordinating a 24 hour tweeting project for students' unions across the UK to showcase what they do. The project, using the #ourSUday hashtag, aims to highlight the variety of things we do.
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‘Reading the internet’ – some of my favourite blogs

I was recently asked what my hobbies are and answered 'reading the internet'. It is how I spend a lot of my free time and I love filling my brain up with new things to ponder (as well as the less highbrow stuff I read!) I thought I'd share some of my favourite blogs and ask you for your suggestions of other blogs to try.

Data-driven decision-making

Details of a conference session I ran at Students' Unions 2013 - a national conference for students' union staff and officers - about how we can use data to help with communications decision-making.

A tiny little love letter to social media

A brief reminder of how social media has changed membership engagement.
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