About me

I’m based in Brighton, East Sussex.

I work for the University of Sussex Students’ Union where I’m responsible for our communications and digital channels including our website, Facebook page and Twitter account. I’ve also been a trustee of Brighton Students’ Union.

I’ve always enjoyed writing (I won a story-writing competition when I was in the Brownies, I must dig that out and get it published!) and wrote a monthly column for MSN UK while I was a student.

I inadvertently sparked some internet rage (as well as some supportive comments) after my email to a local bus company hit the news. I’ve posted more about that at pleasedontcallmebabe.tumblr.com

I’m gained an MBA in 2012 (this site features contributions to my Digital Marketing course). I graduated from the University of Sussex in 2005 with 2:1 Media Studies (Cultural & Community Studies) BA (Hons).

Find me online

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn plus I share lots of links using Delicious, mostly about social media, productivity, design things and the occasional picture of a cat. You can also read my blog about trying to do 250 random things in a year.

Things I like

Getting Things DoneMy friend Andy (who is a geek too but also takes lovely photos) introduced me to Getting Things Done (also known as GTD) a few years ago and I was hooked. I won’t bore you with the details (google it for more info) but it is an approach to productivity that has some really useful principles (and thousands of fans – it gets a bit culty at times!)

Getting Things Done triggered an interest in ‘productivity’ (ironic given how good at procrastinating I can be) which led me to things like Lifehacker, lots of other blogs and, I forget exactly how, but digital marketing in general.

I read lots of blogs including ones about marketing, social media and digital marketing.

You can contact me via email – jo@joannawalters.co.uk for more information about me and what I can do.