#ourSUday – a day of students’ union tweeting

On Thursday 30th January I’ll be coordinating a 24 hour tweeting project for students’ unions across the UK to showcase what they do.

The project, using the #ourSUday hashtag, aims to highlight the variety of things we do.

Students’ unions, associations and guilds across the UK will be tweeting a running commentary of our day to day activities. This is based on similar ‘tweetathons’ by councils, police forces and the UK housing sector.

I was originally planning to do this for the University of Sussex Students’ Union where I work to try to give an insight into what we do and how we operate. I realised it would be fairly easy to get other students’ unions involved to and that it would be a good way to show what we do across the sector.

Often people at our own universities aren’t aware of what students’ unions do (and sometimes, that they even exist!). I’m hoping that #ourSUday will help correct this.

On the day, I’m expecting tweets like this:

  • Officer team meet to discuss the proposed new cycle lanes #oursuday
  • A student has visited the Advice Centre to get their housing tenancy agreement checked to ensure it is fair #oursuday
  • Emily, Shop Supervisor, adds more hoodies to the shop’s display – they’ve been very popular recently! #oursuday
  • The evening team take over in our bar. They’re just some of the hundreds of students we employ #oursuday
  • The hockey team have just started warming up for their weekly fitness training session #oursuday
  • Another busy day in our Finance Office as they send out cheques for the stuff we’ve bought this week #oursuday

I plan to sift through and collect some of them using Storify.

You can search for #oursuday tweets via Twitter’s search function.

If you have any questions or your students’ union would like to take part please email

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Data-driven decision-making

Ashamed of having to write ‘blogs sporadically at’ in a few profiles recently I am determined to blog more regularly about the thoughts floating around my head.

This is a somewhat cop-out blog post however as it is just pointing to a conference session I ran at Students’ Unions 2013 – a national conference for students’ union staff and officers.

I pitched several sessions (never shy about waffling on in front of a room of strangers who are bound by social norms to stay until the end then clap) and was asked to talk about how we can use data to help with communications decision-making. You can view slides from the presentation on SlideShare though my presentation style means they’re quite light on text and heavy on random images!

I will endeavour to write a more lengthy post including my thoughts on some of the topics I covered but for now just enjoy the colourful pictures and imagine how long it took me to find them all on Flickr…



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Twitter + Choir = Awesome


I totally love this video by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus. They asked, via Twitter, for tips to keep warm in Calgary and turned them into a song.

A great way to promote themselves by doing something a bit different…

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