Comms by the Coast

Comms by the Coast is an annual get together for people working in the wonderful world of students’ union communications.

We get together to share our successes and failures, hear from people working in and outside of students’ union and eat a lot of pastries.

Comms by the Coast started in 2012 when I decided¬†that I fancied hearing from some other union people as well as people working elsewhere in communications. Being rather selfish and lazy (and a fan of alliterative names) I invented Comms by the Coast so I could make people come to me in sunny Brighton and invited along other union people so I didn’t look lonely. I ordered in some pastries to thank people for coming and they’ve become a staple part of the day!

It has grown since then and become an annual event.

You can see my summary of Comms by the Coast 2014 on the blog if you want to see the sort of thing we cover.

Planning for Comms by the Coast 2015 is now officially underway so let me know when it should be and what we should cover (as well as whether we should expand it…). Even though I’m the one that orders the pastries (t’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it) I feel very much that the event belongs to everyone working in students’ union communications so please do chip in with your ideas.