I’m looking forward to overhauling the Sussex Students’ Union website so I’ve been gathering some useful links and resources to help prepare for this exciting project.

I thought I’d collate them here and ask the good people of the internet if they have any suggestions.

These are the things I’ve come across most recently but please do add your own suggestions in the comments or tweet them to me – @jowalters.

Oxfam’s radical approach to content for the Oxfam GB website

At a recent CharityComms event, Gez Russell, Editor of Oxfam.org.uk, talked about how they radically slimmed down and refocused their online content.

[slideshare id=30382948&doc=gezrussellv3-140124051731-phpapp02]


I really liked how they went back to basics rather than just trying to import their old content into a new layout.

8 Excellent Reasons to Redesign Your Website

This article, from HubSpot, is useful to check to see if you should redesign your website and use these key points as reminders of things your new site should do.

Start with why

A good point in this short piece by Euan Semple.

Gov.uk stuff

I basically love everything the Government Digital Service (GDS) do. Like, want to print it out and staple it everywhere so everyone can see it, love it.

Their site has loooooads of inspiring and useful stuff like their design manualDigital by Default Service Standard, design principles and content guide.

They share information about how they created and continue to develop gov.uk such as how they explored user needs.

Don’t Make Me Think

I’ve got next week off work and, so I’ve treated myself to a new book (as that is genuinely the sort thing I like to spend my spare time on). I’ve ordered Don’t Make Me Think: A common sense approach to web usability [affiliate link] following a recommendation from Matt Collins.


What else should I read or learn about?

Original image from flickr.com/photos/jsome1/537493706