A tale told largely via screenshots (aka lazy blogging)…

Facebook picture of Brighton map

The map I posted on Facebook

I put this picture (right) up on the Students’ Union’s Facebook page to highlight changes proposed by the local council which are likely to have an impact on housing for students and graduates in the local area…

… and it was soon shared by students and attracted lots of comments (not all favourable!) I then got this message (below) from Tom, a former elected Communications Officer for the Students’ Union (back in the glory days when I was the Activities Officer);

The Brighton picture sums up the impact of social media on membership engagement

and it highlighted to me too the difference that social media has made for membership engagement.

Pre-social media it would’ve taken longer for the message to get out, we wouldn’t have been able to see and respond to people’s comments and they wouldn’t have been able to pass it on so easily.

I <3 social media (and not just because 90% of it is cat-based)