I’m a self-critical perfectionist.

I have loads of ideas about things but often struggle to get started on them unless I’m sure I’ve got everything covered and it will be the best it can be.

For my blog, this means I spend ages thinking about cool posts I could write or things I think would be useful to share but they stay in my head until I’m confident they’ll be completely comprehensive. This means I don’t post very often.

‘The perfect is the enemy of good’ is one of my favourite quotes (attributed to Voltaire) and I often think of it when I’m stalling on getting started with something. Obviously this doesn’t mean you settle for mediocre. Perfect is definitely something to strive for but not when it gets in the way of doing anything at all.

I loved maths at school and showing your workings is an important part of solving maths problems. You used to get marks for heading in the right direction even if your final answer wasn’t right. It also meant if you went off track you could back up and retrace your footsteps to try to find and correct your error.

Given that one of the goals of my blog is to share what I’m working on so other people can build on it for their own projects and help me with mine I am trying to be more confident about showing my workings even if it means they’re not fully formed.

I’ll be trying to look at my blog as showing my workings so I and my readers can see the processes I use in my work and retrace my steps if necessary.